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10 reasons to fall in love with Ballard Bikini!

  1. We are local!
    • That’s right! We are based in Seattle, WA. Okay maybe that isn’t “local” to everyone reading this blog. BUT we are based in the US, which is pretty cool. And many of you ARE from Seattle, or the PNW, so you get it.
  2. We are woman owned!
    • Yep, everything done here is done by your favorite gal! This also means that all bikinis are made for women, by women. We understand what it’s like to have all bikini bottoms feel like a diaper, so rest assured, we gotchu girl. Try out some of our crowd favorites, like our Tahiti bottoms or Bahama bottoms!
  3. We are a small business!
    • As a small business, the support of each and every one of you means the world to us! We run everything from our small Seattle apartment! So when we say we are local, we mean we are very local! As a small business, everything is done by me, the CEO, with the help of some of my amazing friends! I wouldn’t have been able to make the progress I have if it weren’t for the support of my friends and YOU! So keep supporting your favorite small businesses!
  4. We support the body positive movement!
    • So many brands these days post unrealistic women in their marketing and social media material. We want to show real women on our page and want to encourage you to feel confident in your body by wearing our bikinis! We love reposting you babes, so please always send us your pictures or tag us if you’d like to be reposted! Every body is a bikini body.
  5. We encourage environmental awareness!
    • Our founder, Jessica Reed, studied environmental science, and wanted to bring a piece of that to Ballard Bikini. For every bikini made, a portion of profits are donated to the R.O.L.E. Foundation which helps spread awareness to clean up our oceans. Plus, we use recyclable packaging! That’s something we can get behind!
  6. Every bikini is unique!
    • You’re not going to accidentally run into somebody on the beach with the same Target bikini as you, because our bikinis are one of a kind! We are a small business, and every style and color are made in very small quantities. We offer unique prints and styles that you can’t find anywhere else. Be unique this summer and fall in love with Ballard Bikini!
  7. We have a bikini for every body
    • We understand that every body is different. Some of us have booty’s while others of us have a lot of boobs to handle. We do our best to make something that will flatter everybody! If you are not sure what style or size will fit you best, please contact us because trust us, we have been asked about every size and type of body! Let us help you find the perfect fit.
  8. Our styles are unbelievably comfy
    • One of the biggest compliments in customer feedback has been how COMFY our bikinis are! Like really, you could wear the same bikini all day, all weekend, and never feel uncomfortable! Plus, we offer so many different styles that there will be the perfect bikini for your next activity or beach day! We have girls who wear their Ballard Bikini water skiing, tubing, or just laying out. They really are versatile and perfect for any occasion!
  9. We offer reversible styles!
    • We have several styles that are reversible, giving you two bikinis in one! We have gotten a lot of positive feedback about how many of you LOVE the reversible options, and will definitely be bringing more options next season. Don’t forget to tell us what you love, so we know to make more!
  10. We genuinely appreciate YOU!
    • It may sound cheesy, but as mentioned in some of the previous points, our customers mean the world to us. Your support and encouragement on social media and through orders mean so much more to us than they do at large corporations. You are interacting with a real human here! Every customer is a new relationship that we love to build and grow from. THANK YOU to each and every one of you who has supported Ballard Bikini, and we hope we can grow together!

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