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Thanks for checking out Ballard Bikini! We were founded by Jessica Reed in early 2018. The idea had been buzzing around in her head for several months, when she finally decided to take the leap! After months of researching manufacturers, late night skype calls to countries overseas, stress over "is it going to get here in time?" and spending countless hours editing and shooting photos, researching marketing strategies, and figuring out how the heck to create a website, the vision has finally come to life. Creating a bikini company had been a farfetched dream that seemed unattainable, especially with no background in business management. But Jessica thought, "what better time than the present?" And after months of determination, we are finally live! We hope you love what we have created.

We want to give a very special thank you to every person that has helped this launch come to life. This collection would not be nearly close to launching if it weren't for each and every person that has helped out along the way! Close friends and family have helped with logo design, given second opinions on designs and colors, hosted us for photoshoots, picked up shipments, modeled for the line, photographed the line, told their friends and family about our mission, been stress reducers in times of fret, and more! Plus, we are sure we will need their help again in the future! 

Ballard Bikini's vision includes bright colors and prints to make you feel youthful and fun! Designs were created with comfort in mind - nobody likes to feel like they're falling out of a swimsuit, or that you might accidentally give somebody a show! We hope you love what we have to offer! 


With a background in Environmental Science, Owner Jessica Reed has made every effort to help minimize waste in the creation of her bikini line. Our efforts to achieve a sustainable swimwear line are threefold:

  1. All styles that are made with printed fabrics are made out of recycled ocean waste. The fabric used for these styles is called "repreve" and is eco-friendly! We will have more styles and colors launching in fabrics made from recycled ocean waste in the coming months!
  2. Ballard Bikini chose a manufacturer that would help support this vision. With every bikini made, $0.10 is donated to R.O.L.E. Foundation, in Bali, Indonesia. The R.O.L.E. Foundation's mission is to spread awareness of ocean waste, educate governments and communities about zero waste to oceans, build environmental centers, and much more. To learn more about the R.O.L.E. Foundation, please visit  
  3. To further support this mission, Ballard Bikini chooses to use reusable and recyclable packaging while working with the manufacturer and with our customers. When you receive your order, you will find it shipped in a recyclable or compostable mailer, and minimal packaging, meaning no extra useless packing materials.
One of our long term goals, at Ballard Bikini, is to be able to help support local ocean conservation efforts through outreach, education, and financial donations. There are many organizations already working to build awareness and help conserve our oceans. If you would like to donate to the cause or simply learn more, feel free to visit one of the following organizations: 

We hope you find this information useful, and we hope to be able to have a more direct impact on ocean conservancy as we grow! 

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