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Every Question You've Had - Answered!

As our business has been growing rapidly over the last few months, we have gotten an increase in many of the same questions, so we thought, what better way to answer them than on our brand-new blog!

So with that, welcome to the official blog of Ballard Bikini! We will be releasing new blog posts every Friday on topics ranging from inspiration, advice about our bikinis, how we run the business and more! If you ever have suggestions or topics you’d love to know more about, please send them our way! You can always submit any questions or suggestions to our contact us page!  

With no further ado…

  1. “Are you currently accepting applications for brand ambassadors?”
  • Yes! Ballard Bikini is so new! We need as many of you to help spread the word of Ballard Bikini as possible! We are absolutely looking for women who love our brand to help us share our amazing product with the world. Our brand ambassadors are a key part to the business, so please, if you are interested you can apply HERE.
  • “What are the requirements and benefits of being a brand ambassador?”
    • The expectations of brand ambassadors include the following:
      • following us on all social media (@ballardbikini)
      • subscribing to our email list
      • posting on social media in or with your Ballard Bikini
      • maintain a positive brand reputation
    • The benefits of becoming a brand ambassador include the following:
      • discounts on all products
      • commission
      • potential to earn free product
      • get featured on our social media pages

    This is just a brief outline of some of the benefits and expectations. A full contract is sent prior to acceptance of an application! As always, please email or contact us if you have questions!

    1. “What is your return policy? How do I return products that don’t fit?”
      • You may return any unworn products with tags attached. We generally ask that you return products within 30 days of receiving it, but allow exceptions in special circumstances. Please just take your products that you’d like to return to your local post office or UPS store. Place it in a shipping envelope or box, and send to the address below. We will refund your order when we receive it!
    1. “What about exchanges?”
      • Want to try a different size? No problem. You have a few options. We recommend sending your incorrect size back as explained in the previous question. In the meantime, go ahead and order the correct size on site! This will ensure your new correct size is not delayed! If you’d like to wait until we receive the exchange back, you can do this instead. Just wait until you get an email notification about your return being refunded, and go ahead and order your new correct size at that time.
    2. “What makes you environmentally friendly?”
      • There is a lot of information about this on our About Us page! We will also soon be doing another blog post about our environmental goals! To keep it brief, we use recyclable packaging! Additionally, our manufacturer donates a portion of my purchases to the R.O.L.E foundation! How cool is that?
    3. “Are you looking to work with micro-influencers?”
      • We are definitely open to working with all types of influencers. If you are interested in working with us, please send an email inquiry to Please also include statistics regarding your social media. Some statistics we are interested in include average reach, % male to female followers, etc.

     These are some of the most common questions we get asked on a daily basis. If we missed your question, please send it to us via email or via our contact us page!

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