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So what is a "pop-up" anyway?

At Ballard Bikini, we are currently a *mostly* online business! But because our product is so specific to each body, we always want to give our customers the opportunity to try on our awesome product! We know that shipping bikinis back and forth can be a pain in the a$$, so we try to help by offering our local babes pop-up events!

In fact, we have one coming up next weekend!

At our pop-up events, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere with the Ballard Bikini crew helping you along the way. Our experts help you find the perfect bikini for you, based on your body type, what you are comfortable wearing, and your sizing! Trust us when we say, we have seen just about every body type! We are experts at suggesting what you will feel comfortable rocking to your next vacation, boat day, pool party, or beach outing!

We know these kinds of events can be intimidating, but we really just want to provide you the opportunity to touch our product and give it a try! We do our best to make everybody feel welcome and excited about meeting up! 

At our events, we always also offer beverages (hello who doesn’t like mimosas?) and munchies! This is also a great time to mingle, make some new friends, or pitch a collaboration to our owner! These events are always “open house” style, meaning you can come and go at your leisure!

If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see at our next pop-up, have a collaboration idea, or more, feel free to send us an email to!

See you next Sunday, August 25th from noon to 3pm! RSVP HERE!

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